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They called us squares, 5 best friends attending high school by day and getting another education at night . We rode in fast cars, drank in the bars, and began to explore our sexual awareness. It's Boston at a time when nightclubs, bars and lounges were aplenty, and a good time could continue after hours. When recording artists and entertainers frequented the city to make money, taking advantage of its nightlife. And when it drew a culture of people from around the country of the sporting life variety.  Hustlers, pimps and streetwalkers became the norm around town.

5 Squares, is the coming of age story of five girlfriends navigating home life, high school, and Boston's nightlife in the sixties. When a certain culture, with its deceiving glamour could not be denied.  In my home everyone came.  Politicians and doctors, entertainers and ball players, mobsters and movie stars and everyone in between.  The five friends made a pact to just have fun and ignore the rest. Our fun was innocent, but the culture wasn't. Our lack of experience was no match for the environment.  Values now in battle, would be called into question.  Consequences ultimately arise, and prices are to be paid.


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