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The daughter of a major figure in black Boston's nightlife of an earlier era, Bonnie McIlvaine grew up the beloved child of a lavish spender.  She writes with zest, great affection, and candor about her larger than life dad, Johnny McIlvaine.  She and her gal pals roamed the clubs as "squares" until the pimp life claimed one of them and life threw the others curves as well.  When the money went, Bonnie landed on her feet, well schooled by her dad and the practical lessons he had taught her. A fascinating glimpse behind the doors where poverty was not an issue but taking risks exacted a price even so. Kay Bourne Arts Editor and Writer This slice of American History is fascinating. It's the Black experience of the 60s we didn't see on Mad Men. And its the music and party scene that proceeded Rap. Reel Books   Had to make myself stop reading, to get some  work done. Candelaria Silva-Collins Arts Activist & Author   I grew up in the suburbs, and missed out on knowing Boston at that time. Please keep writing, and giving us such enjoyable literature. Donna McDonough    ”